Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ethan's Prayer at breakfast

Dear God,
Thank you for today, for this food you gave us to eat. God, I don't know what I can do to do better at school. I will try my hardest to get a green or purple. I love you Lord, and I will never let go of Your promises.

I love that sweet boy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 State Fair

I had not originally planned on us going to the Fair this year. However, Friday morning I asked Ethan if he got to pick family night - what would he want to do? (he was earning green faces at school for good behavior and only needed one more on Friday to be able to pick) His answer, "Ride the big ferris wheel." And what opened on Friday, the Fair. Luckily, there were ways to get in for less, and 1/2 price ride bands. So we went after Paul got off work.

We began the evening by taking DART down to the fairgrounds, fabulous. You don't have to find parking and then walk a mile to get there! Once there we stalked Big Tex and the trains that run around him, while eating Fletcher's dogs and lemonade. Then headed down to the Midway. The boys could not contain their excitement. Thankfully we convinced them the best time to ride the ferris wheel was when the sun was going down. We ran into some friends along the way and let the kids ride a few rides together. We ended the night sliding down "Fast Trax" a fun potato sack ride. Perfect weather, perfect evening, perfect family!

The boys new love are race cars. Nothing better than sittin' in a corvette.

Spoilin' courtesy of Meema. Handsome Batmen!

Space Roller. Mom and Paul rode it, they are crazy.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel
My family

Race Cars!!! (I can't remember the name of this ride)

Ethan & Michael


The perfect ending...Ethan is in love with Monster Trucks.

Friday, September 18, 2009

More demolition

The next day the boys were home and loved joining in to help.
I got pelted with lots of rocks trying to get a shot of Graham. His aim - not so great!

Fascinated with anything Paul is doing Sidetracked...a struggling Cicada on the ground If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. The little boy squat is my favorite!

See they never grow out of it

9th Anniversary

September 2nd, Paul and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Over Labor Day weekend, we were kid free and able to have some much needed time together. We kicked off the weekend with dinner at Texas de Brazil. The food is delicious, and a dream for any guy who is a meat lover! Too bad I forgot to snap a picture of us all gussied up. We had a wonderful evening chatting and watching Season 3 of 24. Yep, dinner and home for movies!

Saturday we woke up had a breakfast, and headed to Grapevine to hit the Grapevine Wine Trail. What fun touring the different wine makers and learning more about wine, our likes and dislikes. Being able to spend so much uninterrupted time together - good for the soul of the marriage. We talked serious, fun, dreamed, planned, etc.

What good is a weekend without kids if you don't start doing some hefty project around the house. We tore down the "wing" walls on either side of the house. Who knew sledgehammering bricks would be so much fun. I think Paul's testosterone tripled just buying the sledgehammer!

Ups, downs, bumpy, smooth, tearful, joyful...I am blessed to have Paul by my side through this life's journey. I love you!

Potty Update

Graham has successfully, and of his own will, gone poopoo on the potty since Monday. He even had diarrhea and made it to the toilet 4 times; that is after his one major, huge, catastrophical, nasty, explosion!!!

This is very exciting for us. He was giving us some serious attitude about it. We endured, and it has paid off. Oh I'm sure there will be more accidents, but I know we are heading the right way. He even has told us he needed to go #2 while out of the house, that's huge.

That just might be my most exciting news this week!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camp Out Camp In

Last weekend we did an all out camp in for our family time. We got out the projector thingy and had a big screen movie. Grilled hot dogs, and had fondue S'Mores for dessert. The best part, snuggling in the sleepings bags during the movie. The boys had a blast...we will definitely do this more often.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More on our mini-vacation

Suzu (Susan) has a dog house under the stairs that was specially made for her dog Noel. The boys think it is the greatest place to play. It kept the occupied alot! We even made dog names for them Ethan - "Chopper" and Graham - "Skippy." Amazing how a little cubby with an iron gate can keeps boys busy.

We spent most of our time at the clubhouse pool. The boys perfected their lifeguard run into the water, ha ha ha. Played lots of submarine with Paul, and just had plain ol' fun.

Then...POP! Maybe the swinging wasn't the best idea. I knew immediately from Graham's cry his arm popped out of socket. I know this because I did the same thing to my little brother at the same age, but he had to have a cast. Graham would not move his arm and cried everytime we came near it. We napped him and then off to an urgent care clinic. Doesn't he have the best pitiful face?

At the clinic the NP was quickly able to pop it right back in. Paul could hear Graham screaming in the waiting room. Within a minute he was moving it and saying he was all better. Very thankful it was not much worse.

Susan, thank you for opening your home to us and letting us enjoy a few days away from our life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Brenham/College Station

Our mini-vaca this year was to Brenham and College Station. Oh we had such a fun time just being together and relaxing. And got a taste of some other things we'd like to do in the Brazos Valley...maybe in cooler Fall or Spring weather.

We headed down to Brenham checked into our hotel and cruised around town. We stopped in historic downtown and had ice cream, then made our way to St. Clare's Monastery miniature horse farm. It was fun to mingle with the horses (esp. since they were little) and pet the babies, um foals! My kind of horse, shorter than me. It was great walking around the farm, but oh so very very hot. How do you cool off in Texas? The pool, of course - which is where we went directly after the farm.

Next day, BLUEBELL CREAMERY! Even though I don't eat ice cream much anymore, I have been very excited about this. I grew up eating Bluebell. I remember catching my Dad standing in the kitchen eating out of the carton. He is completely addicted. Anyway, it was a great tour ending with a big fat serving of ice cream. The boys were beside themselves, eating ice cream at 10am...scandalous.

The next few days we spent at a dear friend's house - relaxing, swimming, driving range and golf (for Paul), more swimming and movies. I am so thankful we were able to spend time away from home, all 4 of us together!