Monday, April 28, 2008


Who made up terrible 2's or 3's? What about ridiculously frustrating 4's, that's more like it for me. Since Ethan has turned 4 he has taken to tantrums. Usually because he can not express his tumultuous emotions in words, sometimes just because he can. In turn, it can be so very hard to always keep my cool. I try, at least, and at times not very well. It is so wearing and draining, and on top of that Paul and I not 100% sure what to do. We have a few things we are trying, so now the waiting begins.

Today, I am just plain beat down!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Food Chronicles

Another day in the trenches of Graham ignoring any green food on his plate. As I have stated before, this would exclude green m&m's!!! Tonight at dinner, I served green beans as one of the side dishes. Knowing Graham would not eat them, I continually put green veggies on his plate. During dinner I told Ethan he had to eat all of his green beans, so he started monster eating them. Funny enough Graham followed suit, at least until he actually had the bean in his mouth...then he made a funny face and took it out. Hey, I say - PROGRESS!!! Not once but twice he did this. I guess Ethan's monster eating might be ok after all. I probably should not let on that he is helping me, then he would probably stop. Maybe I'll make a game of it.

So long Emily Post, at least for now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping Out

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This weekend we went on our first camping trip with the boys, along with our friends Jennfier, Dave and Lucas. Lake Mineral Wells was our destination - perfect for camping and hiking (mountain biking too). There was no doubt in my mind the boys were going to LOVE it.

Our campsite was right on the water with lots of room for the boys to run around. I could type forever about the fun we had so I will bullet the hilights:

  • fishing
  • hiking - Ethan was bounding up and down the rocks
  • camp food - YUMMY!
  • chillin' with friends - bonus
  • relaxing in God's beautiful nature

Funny thing, Paul even had me pegged for a "non" outdoorsy gal. Guess everyone has a thing or 2 to learn about me. I truly enjoyed myself and was able to relax.

One last blurb: My kids do not like s'mores. So funny, Ethan said roasted marshmellow were disgusting and had me take them off. So chocolate and graham crackers for them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Date Night

For almost 3 years we have been switching date night with our friends Ginny & Jeff. Our kids are at home at each other's houses. It has been a wonderful way to have dates, bond with all the kids, and grow are friendship with Ginny & Jeff.

Tonight I could not help but take pictures at dinner. The kids were so funny and having a good time. Also, VERY excited that Mr. Paul was home for bathtime. He is the bomb bathgiver. I personally hate it. (Last date night at our house Paul was working so I was on my own, there were many frowns at bathtime!) dinner I asked them all very excitedly to raise their hands if they wanted me to give them a bath...blank stares! I asked the same about Mr. Paul giving them a bath...hooping and hollering! Crack me up.

Here are the precious 4: Madeline, Michael, Ethan & Graham

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy 35th to Me!

Today I turned 35!

For my bday, I wanted to hang out as a family and do something the boys would like. Btw, Paul took the day off. How sweet! First, my friend Ginny kept the boys for a few hours this morning, while Paul and I had coffee and shopped a little. I got a new Blackberry Curve...woo-hoo. We picked up the boys, ate lunch, then went bowling. So much fun. We were going to picnic, but the weather did not allow. I am sad to report that Ethan had a better score than I did, of course, I did not get to use the bumpers!!!

We came home, rested for a few, then ordered pizza. While Paul was getting the pizza I let the boys stomp around in the rain puddles. No better joy for a little boy. They were soaking wet, so I just let them eat in their skivvies. The best for last...chocolate cake.
I really could not have asked for a better birthday. A day with all 3 of my guys!

p.s. after putting the kids to bed, we are watching as many episodes of Lost Season 3 as we can stay awake for!!!

***tidbit info*** figures Paul would take bowling in college

More 35th Birthday

Too many fun pics to not post:

It's funny how serious boys are when doing something they love.

Birthday pizza in skivvies...greatness!

Helping Mommy blow out candles.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Last week, Paul and the boys built a railway that went around Ethan's entire room. They had the best time with this particular one. It blows us away at how quickly Graham has picked up on playing trains like a big boy. AND the fact he and Ethan were playing without getting in arguments. Trains can be a touchy commodity around our house.

The first clip is how well we have trained the boys in front of a camera...I could not get a candid shot. So I gave up and left it with Paul, and he got a few more good ones. I'll only put one more, to spare you!