Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bulk Trash Pick-up

Did you know that Santa Claus comes every month on the 2nd Monday of the month? Well at least you think he does at my house. This is actually bulk trash pick-up day. Paul starts getting excited the night before, and the next morning he and Ethan keep running to the window to see if the trucks are coming. It cracks me up! Well this past Monday, Paul had already left for work; so I was on duty. The truck came and Ethan, Graham and I went out to watch. (Graham really gets into it also) We have to watch for at least 5 houses! Anyway, we put our old purple chair next to the heap; this distraught Ethan. I told him it was ok, we did not need it anymore. So the big crane finally makes it to our house and it picks up the chair and puts it on top of the limb pile. Ethan whimpered a little. Then with one slight jab it completely flattens the chair. Ethan about fell apart. So funny!!! Of course when he saw me get the camera out to take a picture he starts to grin. Stinker.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

You scream, I scream, We all scream...

We slathered on the bug spray and headed to the front yard (least infested area of mosquitos) for dessert. We had ice cream cones. A first for Graham. Ice cream cones are one of those things you are born knowing how to eat. Graham did not miss a beat. I love seeing all my guys together enjoying one of their most favorite desserts. Ethan was precious, he came up to me and said "Thank you Mommy for making ice cream cones!" Graham ate his cone like me, come up for air maybe twice, but get it down because it is so yummy. Ethan, in true fashion is like his Daddy, savors it and takes forever. We survived the mosquitos, for once; then headed in for bathtime.

Side note: The bugs like Graham like they like me. We are delicious! How many bites can you count on Graham from these pictures? Well maybe not that many since he is covered in ice cream!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adding Pictures

I am not so good at getting the pictures in just right...any suggestions?
AND how come when I preview my post it always looks different than when it actually publishes? So frustrating! I know, I could read on the Dashboard for help, but way to much garbage to weed through for a non-detail person like me!!!

Bring on the Cake...

Gigi made Graham's cake for him, and the cupcakes for everyone else. They were delicious! Graham was very slow to dig into the cake, he ate a little bit of it, then decided he would rather eat watermelon. Funny, his big brother devoured his first birthday cake. It was still fun watching him make a mess of it. It was cute seeing the other kids wait patiently while we sang and gawked over Graham.

Beach Party Birthday

Graham's first birthday party was all about the beach! It was a blast. We filled up the pool, and Paul a much bigger sandbox especially for the party. Graham and Ethan had fun with their friends from the neighborhood - swimming, digging, and lots of sweets!!! I think Graham liked playing in the pool the best, while Ethan and Michael thoroughly enjoyed being covered with sand. The gals flitted about from one place to the next. I think the party was a success. A fantastic way to spend a summer afternoon.

No lie...Graham really did wake up from his nap with his hair just like this. That is some serious bed head!