Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bulk Trash Pick-up

Did you know that Santa Claus comes every month on the 2nd Monday of the month? Well at least you think he does at my house. This is actually bulk trash pick-up day. Paul starts getting excited the night before, and the next morning he and Ethan keep running to the window to see if the trucks are coming. It cracks me up! Well this past Monday, Paul had already left for work; so I was on duty. The truck came and Ethan, Graham and I went out to watch. (Graham really gets into it also) We have to watch for at least 5 houses! Anyway, we put our old purple chair next to the heap; this distraught Ethan. I told him it was ok, we did not need it anymore. So the big crane finally makes it to our house and it picks up the chair and puts it on top of the limb pile. Ethan whimpered a little. Then with one slight jab it completely flattens the chair. Ethan about fell apart. So funny!!! Of course when he saw me get the camera out to take a picture he starts to grin. Stinker.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm going to miss that chair also. Meema

Rich & Jen said...

you've been "tagged." See my blog for details. :o)

The Robertson Clan said...

You so know I love watching that truck too... I peek thought the windows like your husband though... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA