Saturday, July 7, 2007

You scream, I scream, We all scream...

We slathered on the bug spray and headed to the front yard (least infested area of mosquitos) for dessert. We had ice cream cones. A first for Graham. Ice cream cones are one of those things you are born knowing how to eat. Graham did not miss a beat. I love seeing all my guys together enjoying one of their most favorite desserts. Ethan was precious, he came up to me and said "Thank you Mommy for making ice cream cones!" Graham ate his cone like me, come up for air maybe twice, but get it down because it is so yummy. Ethan, in true fashion is like his Daddy, savors it and takes forever. We survived the mosquitos, for once; then headed in for bathtime.

Side note: The bugs like Graham like they like me. We are delicious! How many bites can you count on Graham from these pictures? Well maybe not that many since he is covered in ice cream!!!

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