Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Boys

When I came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago, this is how my Mom had the boys dressed. I must say, MY Mom rocks. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home...I got the best hugs on this day, I will never forget them.

Mississippi River

What boys do when you are not paying attention...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Many of you have seen this on Facebook. My long time friend Christy tagged me on her blog. She changed the rules a little bit - post the 8th picture in the 1st file OR the 1st picture in the 8th file. Here is my pic:

September 2005. Ethan eating his first rib.
Tag you are it! Who all will play?

Friday, February 6, 2009

50 Cents

I bought this truck at a garage sale for about 50 cents. It has become Ethan's favorite truck, above the nice Tonka's. A few months ago, the back wheel kept coming off. Apparently the axle's threading had worn down. About a month ago, Paul and the boys journeyed to Elliot's to see if they could fix it. I came home later that afternoon and voila, good as new. Are you wondering my very same question as well? How much did that cost? SEVEN DOLLARS!

What a Dad will do to make a boys truck new again!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Time

Mondays only Ethan goes to school. Several months ago, I decided to stop running so many errands with Graham and just stay home and spend that time with him. I am so glad I did. What precious time I will never have again with him.

Today we read books, played with his Batman Cave, talked, and then he decided to play by himself. I love watching him. He will stay in the same spot forever just playing and talking. What a joy he is to my life.

All I Want is a Chicken

A few weeks ago I was shopping at my usual Sam's Club, decided I wanted to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner, so yummy. I noticed a big sign at the meat counter they were remodeling and there would be no chickens for the next 3 days. BUMMER!

There is also a Sam's not far from Ethan's school, after picking him up today, I haul the boys over specifically for a chicken. They were still roasting, and I'd have to wait 30 minutes. ERG! So frustrating. 2 failed chicken attempts...maybe next time!


No, I didn't spell it wrong - this is how Ethan says "opposite." The boys like watching a show called Little Bear, and in one episode Little Bear declared "opposite day." I knew Ethan would catch on, and do that himself. He has several times since then. It is quite cute. The funny part...he'll say "I don't want to talk to Daddy on the phone." Me, "Okay." Ethan, "I really do want to talk t him."

Even though it's opposite day, sometimes he still clarifies what he really means, thinking I have forgotten and then it won't happen. It cracks me up. I love watching and listening to his 5 year old mind!