Sunday, August 24, 2008

Indian Giver

That may not be the most PC title, but I grew up saying it and I'm stickin' to it!

A couple of months ago I told Alison she could borrow my glider, thinking I really would not be using it anymore. Right! Lately, Ethan and Graham have both been wanting to be rocked before bedtime. One night as I was rocking them I realized I would not be ready to give up the glider come October. The boys want me to rock them and there is no way I would miss that opportunity. Next came the sinking feeling that I would have to tell her I am an "indian giver." I told her and she was totally cool with that. Funny how we can build it up in our minds.

Every night before bedtime, and even naptime, Graham says "Roc roc mommy." Ethan comes and climbs in my lap too. We have books, sing songs, and say our prayers. I truly cherish these moments.

The second video clip Paul got Graham saying "Chicken Pot Pie," it's funny.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Not my BABY!"

I've asked several people "What is a sure sign your baby is growing up?" I've had many answers, mine would be..."The first day of Kindergarten!" But now, forces of nature have caused me to change that answer. Let me start at the beginning...

Last Thursday we were driving to the lake, all is quiet in the car. All of a sudden Ethan yells "My tooth is broken!" Paul and I look at each other almost panicked. We stop for gas, I look at Ethan's tooth...IT'S LOOSE! Not really knowing what to do, we tell him not to play with it - he's going to the dentist when we get home for a cleaning anyway. He's 4 1/2 way to young to lose teeth, something has to be wrong. Fast forward to Tuesday...the hygenist comes out to tell me he not only has one loose tooth, but TWO; AND you can see his adult teeth coming in. "HE'S MY BABY, HE'S TOO LITTLE to be getting adult teeth! He has not even started school!" The dentist took a panoramic x-ray. This let's them see all the adult teeth and how well they are developing. Oh my goodness, my little boy is growing up so fast. Now we tell him to wiggle wiggle wiggle those teeth.

Ethan is quite proud he has two loose "baby" teeth and that he has "big boy" teeth coming in. Obviously, I was very undramatic in handling it all. Seriously, aren't the babies supposed to start school before they start losing teeth. This totally threw "my" whole plan, in my head, way off. Such are the forces of nature.

My sweet baby boy:

Mission Complete

Passy is gone! Praise the Lord. It has not been horrific, definitely have had our downs. I really do not like the 1:45am-3am crying spells; however, that only lasted 2 1/2 nights. Graham still cries at naptime for it, but that has lessened as well.
This first night I cut off the tip of one and gave it to him. He said "Mommy passy broken." I got another one and put a slit in it so there was no suction; he used that until Tuesday after nap(we started on Sunday). He cried for 40 minutes at naptime - after nap I told him we had to say bye-bye to passy and throw them all away. What a big boy, he did it. I had visions of him wanting to dig through the trash at bedtime to get them...he never did. He cries a little when going down, but each day is less! WHEW!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Max and Ruby

Why did I think this show was cute for the boys to watch?
The payoff - they sit and watch and never move a muscle
The payback - Ethan thinks it's fun to talk in one word phrases like Max

He did it all weekend at the lake. Paul and I could not figure out where this came from, until the boys were watching it on TV this morning. We looked at each other, finally knowing.

Last night, we put the boys to bed. Graham wailed for at least 40min (remember passy is going bye bye); Ethan gets up and comes into the den, looks at Paul and I and says "Crying." Paul busts out laughing, I am trying to contain my laughter. We ask him why he keeps talking like that; his response, "Max."

Such is the life of a 4 year old.
I looked for a good clip to show, but could not find one.


Our neighbor, Landon, has a kid's Escalade. It is always a BIG hit when he has it out and shares with the boys. Of course, Ethan thinks he should always be the driver. Last night, the Escalade came out when our friends Jen, Richard, and Evie had popped over for a visit. Ethan took Evie for a spin.
We are cruisin'!

Bass is bumpin'! Evie is jumpin'!

Phases of a Fit

Graham wanted his turn in the Escalade, and he wanted it NOW! He was quite angry when his turn ended and Evie got to ride with Ethan. It was quite funny!

Cry uncontrollably

Throw my arms around and stomp

Fall to the ground with more kicking

Finally, POUT!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Passy and Potty

Potty training went a little downhill last week while I was sick. That's ok! I figured I would pick back up after this coming long weekend at the lake - until this morning. Graham has been waking up early early in the morning if he realizes his passy has fallen out of the crib, so we let him put himself back to sleep. 4am is just a little early for a passy call. I went to get him out this morning, he saw his passy, lit up and said "Oh there passy is." I reminded him of the "only in crib" passy rule. He wanted it sooo bad, but would not get back in his crib. Therefore, my decision that the passy must go before I continue on potty training. I am finally tired of the passy. We will work on that after the lake, then potty.

Paul will be happy, he's wanted that thing gone for a long time!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Boys and their Toys

It was so nice out this morning, I sent the boys to the backyard. We pulled out all the yard toys, 2 hoses, and a soapy water bucket and set to washing. Graham basically played in the water, but Ethan did a great job washing the toys. It is fun watching them interact together, and actually enjoy each other. We had a great day together.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aarrrr Me Hartey's


It took a few days for his tank to move from the study to the kitchen to be taken out, whew. Sunday, I came home from the store, Paul and Ethan excitedly told me "He's alive! Captain Jack is moving around." Really? No, really?

Apparently in our old age, Paul and I have forgotten about exoskeletons and how they shed. Yep, Jack shed his exoskeleton and was messin' with us. We laughed the rest of the day at how dumb we are. Ethan was quite excited, as was Graham.

WELCOME HOME CAPTAIN JACK! There is more pilage and plundering to do.