Monday, August 18, 2008

Max and Ruby

Why did I think this show was cute for the boys to watch?
The payoff - they sit and watch and never move a muscle
The payback - Ethan thinks it's fun to talk in one word phrases like Max

He did it all weekend at the lake. Paul and I could not figure out where this came from, until the boys were watching it on TV this morning. We looked at each other, finally knowing.

Last night, we put the boys to bed. Graham wailed for at least 40min (remember passy is going bye bye); Ethan gets up and comes into the den, looks at Paul and I and says "Crying." Paul busts out laughing, I am trying to contain my laughter. We ask him why he keeps talking like that; his response, "Max."

Such is the life of a 4 year old.
I looked for a good clip to show, but could not find one.

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Michelle Hausz said...

Imagine watching it with a 3 year old girl. This show has now been banned in our house because Morgan bosses her little sister around (or anyone else nearby) like Ruby does Max. Maybe we should see how Ethan and she do together after watching it. =) We miss you guys!