Monday, August 11, 2008

Passy and Potty

Potty training went a little downhill last week while I was sick. That's ok! I figured I would pick back up after this coming long weekend at the lake - until this morning. Graham has been waking up early early in the morning if he realizes his passy has fallen out of the crib, so we let him put himself back to sleep. 4am is just a little early for a passy call. I went to get him out this morning, he saw his passy, lit up and said "Oh there passy is." I reminded him of the "only in crib" passy rule. He wanted it sooo bad, but would not get back in his crib. Therefore, my decision that the passy must go before I continue on potty training. I am finally tired of the passy. We will work on that after the lake, then potty.

Paul will be happy, he's wanted that thing gone for a long time!

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Just think how you would feel having to quit your coffee! Mom