Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mission Complete

Passy is gone! Praise the Lord. It has not been horrific, definitely have had our downs. I really do not like the 1:45am-3am crying spells; however, that only lasted 2 1/2 nights. Graham still cries at naptime for it, but that has lessened as well.
This first night I cut off the tip of one and gave it to him. He said "Mommy passy broken." I got another one and put a slit in it so there was no suction; he used that until Tuesday after nap(we started on Sunday). He cried for 40 minutes at naptime - after nap I told him we had to say bye-bye to passy and throw them all away. What a big boy, he did it. I had visions of him wanting to dig through the trash at bedtime to get them...he never did. He cries a little when going down, but each day is less! WHEW!!!

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Michelle Hausz said...

Oh I remember how tough this was with Morgan. What am I going to do with Cameron? I can't cut off her thumb! I'm so glad Graham is growing into such a big boy.