Monday, July 27, 2009

Brenham/College Station

Our mini-vaca this year was to Brenham and College Station. Oh we had such a fun time just being together and relaxing. And got a taste of some other things we'd like to do in the Brazos Valley...maybe in cooler Fall or Spring weather.

We headed down to Brenham checked into our hotel and cruised around town. We stopped in historic downtown and had ice cream, then made our way to St. Clare's Monastery miniature horse farm. It was fun to mingle with the horses (esp. since they were little) and pet the babies, um foals! My kind of horse, shorter than me. It was great walking around the farm, but oh so very very hot. How do you cool off in Texas? The pool, of course - which is where we went directly after the farm.

Next day, BLUEBELL CREAMERY! Even though I don't eat ice cream much anymore, I have been very excited about this. I grew up eating Bluebell. I remember catching my Dad standing in the kitchen eating out of the carton. He is completely addicted. Anyway, it was a great tour ending with a big fat serving of ice cream. The boys were beside themselves, eating ice cream at 10am...scandalous.

The next few days we spent at a dear friend's house - relaxing, swimming, driving range and golf (for Paul), more swimming and movies. I am so thankful we were able to spend time away from home, all 4 of us together!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This Spring, Ethan played on a YMCA soccer team.

The very first practice, he was all excited about going and playing. Then we get there, he cried almost the whole time and barely did any of the drills. I think he was intimidated and self-conscious. The first game, he would either stand on the field and cry or walk over to the sidelines and pout. OMG, for real! That was hard for Paul and I. His coach assured us in time he would start to play and have fun. He was right!

By the end of the season, Ethan was out there running and attempting to "get in there" and get the ball. I think he liked playing goalie the best. He had several great saves. It always pumped him up hearing the parents cheer for him. What is funny about this they are learning the game - they look like a pack of animals just running up and down the field.

It was a great season, and Ethan is looking forward to playing again. After the last game, Coach handed out trophies and said a little something about each player. He said Ethan "was the most improved and came the farthest" player. Without a doubt, that's the truth.

Graham's 3rd Birthday

Wow! It's been a long time since I've posted...

Graham's birthday was so much fun. Bug Party. We filled a pool with dirt, added 3 containers of night crawlers and let 'em dig. I did not plan any other activities, but none were needed. Dirt will keep boys and girls busy for hours! Love that. Bugs showed up in all the food at the party - I thought I was pretty ingenius. I loved seeing the reactions of the adults.

The Dirt Pile

It's my party I'll pout if I want to

Dirt/Compost pile cake


Bug juice

Happy Birthday

So wish it would've dropped in