Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Years Old

Really? Is he already 5 and going to start kindergarten in the Fall?

I'll start with the hard part. Age 4 was the most difficult and trying for us thus far. Ethan was happy or angry, no inbetween emotions. So began the journey of helping him identify different emotions to our different feelings. Some days this was easy, some days I just wanted to give up and hide in my room. Ethan is a passionate, tender-hearted boy. This wars with the quickly changing emotions of a 4 year old. On top of that, were the whiny over-the-top meltdowns; from a non skin broken scratch to being overly tired. I must say we worked on the latter first, then tried tackling the emotions. Amazing how the closer he got to 5, we could actually see him maturing. He has grown in identifying his emotions and using his words instead of falling apart. Oh, there are days he just can't do it, but those are outweighed by the good days.

The fun part of 4, has been seeing him explore, ever expanding vocabulary, understanding concepts, how he carries on conversations, being adventurous, his unlimited energy, on an on...
Over the past year, he talks alot more of God, wanting to go to Heaven, how he needs to pack his monster trucks for heaven -funny. Ethan's heart is so tender, he truly cares for others and how they are feeling. He loves loves loves being outside running trucks, working with Paul, anything that gets him dirty and stinky. Ethan is a treasure sent from God to live in our home.

For his 5th birthday he got to choose what to do on his special day. Here's the schedule:
Breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes
Visiting the electric trains at a local mall
Lunch - McDonald's
Ice skating at the Galleria
Ice cream after skating
Dinner - pizza, and a cookie cake


Even though it's only 5 days after Christmas, all the excitement
is still there.

We had to watch the 2 black steam engines pass
over and over and over...his favorite
Ethan and Graham ready to shred the ice
Chocolate, of course

Somehow I managed not to get a picture of the cake and him blowing out the candles...there's always his birthday party for that!
I am blessed beyond measure to have not one, but two sons!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New Sibling

Today at lunch I asked Ethan if he would like to have another brother or sister. He had a mouth full of food, said "Yes" anyway. Graham piped in too, I know he doesn't get it. We talked a little bit with the boys about us having a baby, we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, and come summer they'd have a baby brother or sister. I also explained to Ethan that is why I have not been feeling well lately. He asks me almost everyday if I am still sick; for a while, every morning I had horribly upset stomach, right when he'd want to sit on me!

That whole conversation lasted all of about 5 minutes. Paul and I just laughed, but now they know!

On a different note:

Also at lunch we were finishing off the last of our iced Christmas cookies...yummy. Graham, our slow poke eater, was giving us a hard time finishing while only talking about the cookies. He looked at his plate and whined "I can't do it." Paul and I bust out laughing, then he crammed a whole nugget in his mouth. He did get his 2 cookies.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

What a wonderful age the boys are for this time of year. Celebrating Jesus' birth, lights, presents, cookies and more cookies.

Christmas morning Paul and I woke up to get everything turned on and ready. Then we waited and waited and waited. Finally a little after 8 we couldn't wait any longer. We went and woke them up, those days won't last long. They did the race down the hall to see what "santa" had brought them, unopened gifts. For about an hour I think they forgot there were even gifts under the tree. We eventually tore into those with paper and ribbon flying all about. I love watching their excitement over each gift and cherishing it...for about 10 seconds...then moving on. Paul and I almost forgot our gift to them, the fort he built. Outside we went, there was no putting their joy into words. Up and down the ramp they ran, with trucks of course.

I am so thankful and blessed for the boys that God intentionally placed in our care. They fill my heart with so much joy, love, and happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Prayer

I love bedtime prayer with Ethan. You never know what he's going to pray for. Sometimes they are so very sweet and heartfelt, practical, or just looking around the room thinking of things to pray and it goes on and on and on!

Preface: aaallll Christmas shows and movies you watch are either taking place where there is snow everywhere or it snows for Christmas morning.

Dear God, please can you let it snow tonight. I would really like there to be snow on Christmas. Please God can you just do that for me? Just let it snow and we can play in it and it will be nice. Just do that for me ok? Thank you for my Mommy and Daddy.

So sweet. God can make anything happen, but highly unlikely to have a white Christmas in North Texas. I love that boy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Fun

I have really not been on the ball with updating much lately. Sorry. Seems I get a little tired, wonder why? ha ha ha

The boys have been so much fun this holiday season. They have been excited since we got all the decorations down. Each year I try to get better about making the most of it with them, and let other less important things slide, i.e. my blogs.

First up:
The boys helping Daddy w/ lights on the roof.

Ethan could not get enough of Frosty (a little skinny) at Santa's Village

Graham playing with my Christmas coasters

E & G playing with the ice castle Daddy made them
Yes, it is 28 degrees out and Ethan has on flip flops and shorts. We told him it was very cold and once they got dressed Paul would take them outside. This is how he dressed himself. There was no arguing, bribing, challenging, sweet talking to get him to change. So we say, Natural Consequences. Funny enough, he never even complained about being cold or that his toes were about to fall off. Oh well!!! Crazy boy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fort Building

When I was younger, my Dad built my little brother a fort for Christmas. It was the most fantastic gift. I told Paul a few months ago this is what I wanted to do for our boys for Christmas. They are bored of all our toys in the yard, and would never tire of the fort. I pretty much did not give up until he said yes.

About 3 weeks ago, Paul pulled his drafting kit out and drew his plan. How I loved seeing him do this. He was a little boy again!

Typical Paul fashion, he started it about 2 weeks before Christmas AND it was done with perfection. Love and hate that about him!!! ha ha ha

When he began on the fort the weather was not so cold out, and the boys loved playing on the planks with their monster trucks. They thought it was a "bookshelf" for Mr. Bernie. Gradually (like any weather change in Texas is gradual), it got colder and colder. Here are the pictures of Paul hard at work.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas

My Mom has been here visiting, mainly to give the boys their presents from her and D-dad. OMG, what we have in store for us on Christmas morning. Those boys went nutso, but so adorable. Here are a few pics...

Graham and his "bikelcycle"
Ethan and Batman...so in love

Ethan and Meema

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Our last visit to Meema and D-dad's house, Ethan figured out how to do a flip in Meema's bounce house. It was so cute. He was quite proud of his accomplishment and made sure everyone saw. He is typically my more cautious child; it is fun to see him starting to let go a little.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Over the Moon

Ethan and Graham can be quite humorous and annoying, all at the same time, while in the car.
Their biggest thing lately, the moon. "
Mommy, Daddy, see the moon over there?"
"It's on my side."
"No, I want it on my side."
"But, it's on my side now; when we turn it will be on your side."
"See the moon."
"No fair, now I can't see the moon at all."

These are just a few of the conversations we listen to. I do love that they are interested in the moon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Update...

For those of you who don't already know....

We are expecting our 3rd!

Estimated due date, July 14th.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had so much fun this year. We opted to go to some houses in our neighborhood with friends instead of the usual Fall Fun Fest. It was mass chaos with at least 15 kids and that many more parents, but fun. What is funny...trying to take pictures of hyped up kids in the dark! Here are my pared down pics...

Batman and Batman with his much loved knight cape
The whole gang...I think...

Geisha Girl


Hank and Cuzin Billy Bob

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Could it be?

Tonight at dinner, I told the boys they needed to eat all the food on their plate if they wanted some of their Halloween candy. Not only did Graham finish first, he was shoveling the food in; he ate ALL of his green beans. Granted there were only 5; but, if you know our struggles with him and veggies, this is a HUGE feat. YEA GRAHAM!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Love Baby Kendall

The boys are precious when they are talking about "Baby Kendall." They love her so much, and quite often pray for her. Be still my heart! Tonight we took dinner to them and ate with them. The boys helped put lotion on Kendall after her bath, and showered her with love. Of course, Kendall is so adorable you just have too!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Have you have seen in earlier posts, singing is a big hit around here. Graham especially loves to sing. Yesterday we went to a birthday party at McDonald's, his most favorite place to date. Last night he was singing Happy Birthday all evening. It is so cute it makes my heart melt...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Niece

Kendall Elizabeth was born Friday October 10th at 10:57pm.
We are so excited she is here, and she is beautiful!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alison's Surprise Party

Alison's due date is on her actual birthday. We decided to surprise her early with a party. I could just see her water breaking when we yelled surprise. She did break out in a nice little sweat. We had a fun afternoon fellowshiping together.

Happy Birthday Andie!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Update

The early Fall days seem to be flying by. The weather is perfect for lots of playtime outside. Something little boys definitely need. If they are not running trucks, swinging, or digging dirt, they are my cute little superheroes.

One night last week, I let the boys watch a show while snuggled up in my bed. This is their new favorite thing to do, and they look so sweet doing it.

Daddy is the "man" when it comes to bathtime and bedtime. He makes having a bath like waterride, drying off a national event, and actually getting into bed is like a crash 'em up derby. He loves making the boys laugh, giving them the hiccups. And they practically beg for more...

And lastly, Meema came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time. The boys love when she comes; and even she and I got to spend some time together without the boys. Then she was kind enough to watch the boys while Paul and I went to see Fireproof with friends. However, Meema, never stick your tongue out at the camera. You never know where that picture might pop-up...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boot Scootin'

If you know Ethan, you know he wears his cowboy boots with everything. Oh they are quite the eye catcher with some outfits. Sunday evening we had our friends Wade, Janna, Robert and Laurie Jane over for dinner. The kids had the best time running around. Robert managed to find Ethan's boots and instantly loved them. Lucky for him, I had just bought Ethan a "new" improved pair at JBF. Ethan graciously gave Robert his much loved old ones. (his new ones have a bigger heel and he really digs that) The first pic Robert had a new one and an old one on...cute.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It will hurt...

Since the weather is so great, we take to eating meals outside. However, that does not mean the mosquitos have quit coming around. I think they are worse than this summer. Naturally, Graham gets eaten alive by them. We slather him up, me too, and fire up the citronella candles. The boys like to call it "fire," which it is - duh! We do the "oohhh hot" "ouch" game with them, that the candle will hurt if you get burned. Apparently, this is not enough of a warning for dear Graham. After dinner Paul and I were still chatting while the boys played...yes...Graham stuck his finger in the flame. Yep, "OUCH!" Thankfully it wasn't too bad, we are just hoping for "lesson learned."


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Number 2

Finally got tooth #2 out. It was all twisted it was so loose. Ethan has been very tight lipped about it. Today I had him looking in the mirror at how far it could lay down, then I told him it fell out. I then got a kleenex and told him I needed to get it out of his mouth. Yes, I then pulled it. He didn't even know it, it was barely hanging on. After bathtime he finally let me take a picture.

I think he got excited that he lost another tooth when he realized the tooth fairy was coming again. At dinner he asked, "Does the tooth fairy come every time I lose a tooth?" "Yes." Ethan, "Cool."

The sad realization, for me, he will soon start losing even more teeth and his little boy look will be gone forever. I'm taking as many pictures as I possibly can!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Well they tooth fairy finally visited Ethan. Yesterday while playing he knocked his loose teeth even looser (even a word?). We have been trying to get them out because his other teeth are rapidly coming in. Anyway, after he knocked them, I looked at them and could plainly see at least one was ready to come out. I tried to get it, but no such luck. We decided to wait until Daddy got home.

After dinner, Paul laid Ethan down on the couch to get a good look at his teeth.

GOT IT! I wish I could have taken a pic of mine and Paul's faces. We were quite shocked, Ethan did not even feel it. We held it together well, and starting singing praises to him!

Euphoria before realization set in. Although, he is very happy to see his big boy teeth.

Tooth Fairy sneaks in...

A boy and his treasures, what bliss!

Paul did try for the second loose tooth, with PLIERS, it is not quite ready for extraction. Ethan did not even blink when Paul brought in the pliers, I about sucked the air out of the room. Funny.

Congratulations my Little Man.