Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Fun

I have really not been on the ball with updating much lately. Sorry. Seems I get a little tired, wonder why? ha ha ha

The boys have been so much fun this holiday season. They have been excited since we got all the decorations down. Each year I try to get better about making the most of it with them, and let other less important things slide, i.e. my blogs.

First up:
The boys helping Daddy w/ lights on the roof.

Ethan could not get enough of Frosty (a little skinny) at Santa's Village

Graham playing with my Christmas coasters

E & G playing with the ice castle Daddy made them
Yes, it is 28 degrees out and Ethan has on flip flops and shorts. We told him it was very cold and once they got dressed Paul would take them outside. This is how he dressed himself. There was no arguing, bribing, challenging, sweet talking to get him to change. So we say, Natural Consequences. Funny enough, he never even complained about being cold or that his toes were about to fall off. Oh well!!! Crazy boy.

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