Monday, December 22, 2008

Fort Building

When I was younger, my Dad built my little brother a fort for Christmas. It was the most fantastic gift. I told Paul a few months ago this is what I wanted to do for our boys for Christmas. They are bored of all our toys in the yard, and would never tire of the fort. I pretty much did not give up until he said yes.

About 3 weeks ago, Paul pulled his drafting kit out and drew his plan. How I loved seeing him do this. He was a little boy again!

Typical Paul fashion, he started it about 2 weeks before Christmas AND it was done with perfection. Love and hate that about him!!! ha ha ha

When he began on the fort the weather was not so cold out, and the boys loved playing on the planks with their monster trucks. They thought it was a "bookshelf" for Mr. Bernie. Gradually (like any weather change in Texas is gradual), it got colder and colder. Here are the pictures of Paul hard at work.

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