Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Years Old

Really? Is he already 5 and going to start kindergarten in the Fall?

I'll start with the hard part. Age 4 was the most difficult and trying for us thus far. Ethan was happy or angry, no inbetween emotions. So began the journey of helping him identify different emotions to our different feelings. Some days this was easy, some days I just wanted to give up and hide in my room. Ethan is a passionate, tender-hearted boy. This wars with the quickly changing emotions of a 4 year old. On top of that, were the whiny over-the-top meltdowns; from a non skin broken scratch to being overly tired. I must say we worked on the latter first, then tried tackling the emotions. Amazing how the closer he got to 5, we could actually see him maturing. He has grown in identifying his emotions and using his words instead of falling apart. Oh, there are days he just can't do it, but those are outweighed by the good days.

The fun part of 4, has been seeing him explore, ever expanding vocabulary, understanding concepts, how he carries on conversations, being adventurous, his unlimited energy, on an on...
Over the past year, he talks alot more of God, wanting to go to Heaven, how he needs to pack his monster trucks for heaven -funny. Ethan's heart is so tender, he truly cares for others and how they are feeling. He loves loves loves being outside running trucks, working with Paul, anything that gets him dirty and stinky. Ethan is a treasure sent from God to live in our home.

For his 5th birthday he got to choose what to do on his special day. Here's the schedule:
Breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes
Visiting the electric trains at a local mall
Lunch - McDonald's
Ice skating at the Galleria
Ice cream after skating
Dinner - pizza, and a cookie cake


Even though it's only 5 days after Christmas, all the excitement
is still there.

We had to watch the 2 black steam engines pass
over and over and over...his favorite
Ethan and Graham ready to shred the ice
Chocolate, of course

Somehow I managed not to get a picture of the cake and him blowing out the candles...there's always his birthday party for that!
I am blessed beyond measure to have not one, but two sons!


David, Ally, and Micah said...

WOW, I can't believe that he is already 5! It seems like yesterday that I met him as a newborn, laying under the light in your old apartment. Time sure does fly!

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

What a big boy! He sure did love that sugar. I am curious how Graham did with ice skating. It has not occurred to me to take Katherine yet.