Saturday, September 20, 2008

Number 2

Finally got tooth #2 out. It was all twisted it was so loose. Ethan has been very tight lipped about it. Today I had him looking in the mirror at how far it could lay down, then I told him it fell out. I then got a kleenex and told him I needed to get it out of his mouth. Yes, I then pulled it. He didn't even know it, it was barely hanging on. After bathtime he finally let me take a picture.

I think he got excited that he lost another tooth when he realized the tooth fairy was coming again. At dinner he asked, "Does the tooth fairy come every time I lose a tooth?" "Yes." Ethan, "Cool."

The sad realization, for me, he will soon start losing even more teeth and his little boy look will be gone forever. I'm taking as many pictures as I possibly can!

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