Monday, September 1, 2008


We are visiting my parents in Kingwood. I decided to go ahead and continue Graham's potty training while down here. It has been great. Yesterday on the way home from church, on the other side of town, Graham INSISTED he had to potty. I pull over, in a horrible part of town, at a Burger King; he went potty - amazed. The best part, he had a diaper on.

Today, he woke up from naptime completely dry, told me he had to go potty and went. More amazement. He has yet to wet my mom's floor!!! Of course he has also yet to poo in the potty, but I am happy with what he is doing.

I know there will be more triumphs and more setbacks; but, it goes to show that lack of expectations for him spur him on instead of it becoming a battle! YEA Graham!

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Rich and Jen said...

Way to go, Graham!!!

BTW, I love the new background.