Saturday, September 13, 2008


Our 20+ year old Maytag dryer has not been in the best of shape lately. The belt has gotten squeaky and loud; there is enough noise in my house with 2 boys and all tile floor. I will only dry if I start the dryer on my way out the door. To fix the old dryer would be about $100, I told Paul I could find a good dryer on craigslist for about that much. We called about several that we liked and they had all been sold right before we called. Today, we hit the jackpot...Maytag Neptune gas dryer for $200. I am a happy wife!!!

Bye Bye Dryer

Hello Sweetness

Yes, I am that excited about it! I've already put a load in it...and I am not particularly fond of laundry.

p.s. Thank you Susan for giving us the first dryer. It has lived a long wonderful life!

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