Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Well they tooth fairy finally visited Ethan. Yesterday while playing he knocked his loose teeth even looser (even a word?). We have been trying to get them out because his other teeth are rapidly coming in. Anyway, after he knocked them, I looked at them and could plainly see at least one was ready to come out. I tried to get it, but no such luck. We decided to wait until Daddy got home.

After dinner, Paul laid Ethan down on the couch to get a good look at his teeth.

GOT IT! I wish I could have taken a pic of mine and Paul's faces. We were quite shocked, Ethan did not even feel it. We held it together well, and starting singing praises to him!

Euphoria before realization set in. Although, he is very happy to see his big boy teeth.

Tooth Fairy sneaks in...

A boy and his treasures, what bliss!

Paul did try for the second loose tooth, with PLIERS, it is not quite ready for extraction. Ethan did not even blink when Paul brought in the pliers, I about sucked the air out of the room. Funny.

Congratulations my Little Man.


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

My mom always threatened the pliers because I was such a wimp that my tooth would be dangling for days and I couldn't eat but I was too chicken to pull it.

Rich and Jen said...

I was the same as Christy...soooo chicken. My mom had to sit on me to get my teeth out and one time I bit the tar out of her finger and I was bawling and saying "I'm sorry, Mommy!" over and over but I wouldn't let go of her finger. Hopefully Evie will be more gutsy like Ethan.