Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aarrrr Me Hartey's


It took a few days for his tank to move from the study to the kitchen to be taken out, whew. Sunday, I came home from the store, Paul and Ethan excitedly told me "He's alive! Captain Jack is moving around." Really? No, really?

Apparently in our old age, Paul and I have forgotten about exoskeletons and how they shed. Yep, Jack shed his exoskeleton and was messin' with us. We laughed the rest of the day at how dumb we are. Ethan was quite excited, as was Graham.

WELCOME HOME CAPTAIN JACK! There is more pilage and plundering to do.

1 comment:

Rich and Jen said...

OH---MY---GOSH!!!! That is so funny! Good thing you didn't toss him!