Thursday, July 31, 2008

Potty Training "Take 2"

This morning as I was changing Graham's nasty diaper, I thought "Today is a good day to try potty training again. We will be home almost all day and no plans. Perfect for training" Plus I'd had my first cup of coffee and was in a good mood. That sets a good stage! Off goes the diaper and I pull out the Diego undies. Graham loves Diego. He blew through all 3 pair quickly. I had been giving him goldfish and juice so he'd need to pee more. He was not getting the timing right. I decide to set him on the toilet with another cup of juice, let him drink the whole thing, then we read and sang until he peed. Then he got it. He has successfully went 3 more times before nap, also had a very very small poop on one of them. He woke up from nap calling me and saying pee pee. I ran in there, ran him to the potty and he went promptly, did not even wet his diaper. WOW! I can not believe this is the first day. I know it will still be a rough road, but I am happy and have NO expectations. It was just a whim that I decided to try it anyway.

While Graham and I were waiting out the peepee on the potty, Ethan took charge of helping me fold the clothes...sweet boy...He is also a great encourager for Graham, I think that will help alot.

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Anonymous said...

Graham and Ethan ROCK!