Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday I needed to run several errands, after being away for a week. Paul is still not feeling well, so I asked him if he wanted me to take Ethan with me while Graham napped. He did. Ethan really does not like running errands, I told him we would get a special treat. He chose Bubble drinks! So funny how much he loves the "pearls" in the bottom. No one else in the family likes them. He loves telling me how many he sipped up the straw and got in his mouth. A good counting game I suppose.

We ran our errands; I was sure to tell him how many stores we were going to. He likes to count them down. I like taking just him on errands with me, sometimes. We get to spend time just the two of us and act silly. Good bonding.

I took pictures of us drinking strawberry smoothie bubble drink and my thai tea, in the car. NO, I was not driving!


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Rich and Jen said...

i like the last shot of you with your hair blowing in the A/C...very Charlie's Angels. ;o)