Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Date Night

For almost 3 years we have been switching date night with our friends Ginny & Jeff. Our kids are at home at each other's houses. It has been a wonderful way to have dates, bond with all the kids, and grow are friendship with Ginny & Jeff.

Tonight I could not help but take pictures at dinner. The kids were so funny and having a good time. Also, VERY excited that Mr. Paul was home for bathtime. He is the bomb bathgiver. I personally hate it. (Last date night at our house Paul was working so I was on my own, there were many frowns at bathtime!) dinner I asked them all very excitedly to raise their hands if they wanted me to give them a bath...blank stares! I asked the same about Mr. Paul giving them a bath...hooping and hollering! Crack me up.

Here are the precious 4: Madeline, Michael, Ethan & Graham

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