Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping Out

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This weekend we went on our first camping trip with the boys, along with our friends Jennfier, Dave and Lucas. Lake Mineral Wells was our destination - perfect for camping and hiking (mountain biking too). There was no doubt in my mind the boys were going to LOVE it.

Our campsite was right on the water with lots of room for the boys to run around. I could type forever about the fun we had so I will bullet the hilights:

  • fishing
  • hiking - Ethan was bounding up and down the rocks
  • camp food - YUMMY!
  • chillin' with friends - bonus
  • relaxing in God's beautiful nature

Funny thing, Paul even had me pegged for a "non" outdoorsy gal. Guess everyone has a thing or 2 to learn about me. I truly enjoyed myself and was able to relax.

One last blurb: My kids do not like s'mores. So funny, Ethan said roasted marshmellow were disgusting and had me take them off. So chocolate and graham crackers for them.

1 comment:

Rich & Jen said...

What great fun! I love the look on Ethan's face with the catfish and he looks so cute asleep in Paul's lap. Hang in there, girl! You are a great mommy. You guys will get past this temper tantrum phase.