Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look Mommy, No Hands!!!

Graham has been crawling for a long time now. And cruising around the furniture, standing on his own, and carefully attempting steps for a good bit of time too. He just has not been ready to fully committing to actually taking steps; it is actually quite funny, you could see the look of apprehension on his face when he would think about doing it. Before I left for Seattle, Paul and I were jokingly serious that Graham would start walking while I was away that week. Every day I talked to them, still no walking. When they picked me up from the airport I think that was the second question out of my mouth. Paul said while he was getting dressed to come get me, Graham took off 2 times across our bedroom! I think Graham missed me so much he wanted to have a real big surprise for me!!!

I hope to, soon, get a video clip uploaded so you can all see it. I don't have any pictures.

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