Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Miss a Moment

I've already been lamenting the fact there is a good chance after the baby comes I won't remember too much of the last 1/2 of summer. I have a new motto "Cherish Every Moment." I don't want to get tied down to what has to be done, or where we have to go. I want to have fun with the boys and cherish these days. One other reason this all comes to mind, my sweet Ethan starts Kindergarten in the Fall. Where has the time gone? I know it will be wonderful, but he also won't be at home with me anymore. Yes, it is time for him to go and grow...just a little part of me gets very sad.


alyelli said...

I am with you on this one. I can't believe our Ethan will start school as well. He is ready and talks about wanting to go to school all of the time so, while it will be hard to see him go I know he wants to. I feel the Lord has already begun to prepare me, but is still soo very hard to let him go. I want to also work hard this summer to have as much fun as possible with him while caring for a newborn. Will it be a challenge? Absolutely, but my desire and prayer is to make the most of it. How sad I get some days to think of him being gone, but excited to start a new part of his life and being involved. I'll be sure to pray for you as you make the most of your time these months to come before the Fall.

Amy said...

That's right...enjoy it all now! I still cry every year on the first day of school...I'll have a 3rd grader next year - yikes! But the beauty of letting them go is seeing them gain independence as they see what God is molding them to be. Knowing he is so ready to go will make it easier - to see the excitement on his face and hear about all the fun things he is doing each day.