Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Underdog Tour Part 1

The Underdog is what I'll our diamond in the rough.  Back in January Paul and I stumbled upon a house - we were not looking or in the market - but she was perfect for us to give lots of love to and make our own.  Here's the grand tour of what she looked like when we first toured....
 Don't you love those pretty blue country blue shutters!
 I don't know why but I don't have a view coming in the front door.  You can see it there on the left.  This is the dining room - it will be closed with french doors to become the office.
 Off to the left is the office.  This is the very long den, which will be the den/dining room.  See that dark corner there by the fireplace?  Yep, that's one concentrated area of stale dog pee.  I dropped my phone in it...sick!
 Going down to the far end of that room, you can see the dinette area of the kitchen.  I know your jealous of that.
 And into the kitchen, with the beautiful dropped ceiling.  That doorway down there will be closed up to the office.
Going back to the front entrance - the hallway down to the bedrooms....see next post...

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