Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Going Bananas

Graham was in a total mood yesterday. Probably because he only had an hour and 1/2 nap all day long. So by dinner time he was a pill. As if he wasn't picky enough, he absolutely wanted nothing to do with anything I gave him. He began into a little show of throwing food, banging his tray, and then the grunt yell. I was trying to get him to eat the other stuff before I gave him his newly beloved food, bananas - which is fitting because I have been calling him "my monkey" since the womb - anyway...I knew he could see them on his plate, and he was not going to let up until I gave it to him. So I did! He grabs the banana, still doing the grunt yell and chomps down on it so hard; as if to say "THERE!" Paul and I looked at each other and just busted out laughing. I truly wish I could have caught that on camera. It was so funny!

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