Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Growing Boys

Ethan: Each summer we do semi-private swim lessons. They are fun. However, Ethan does not always like to get his eyes wet. Then I fret over the fact that he is still not swimming, silly Mom I know. Yesterday we went for a dip and he would not let me work on what he has learned with him. I was discouraged, all his little girl friends are just like little fish swimming around him. So I give myself the talk, he will get there. WELL this afternoon was our 2nd lesson this week, I went to pick him up...low and behold the boy actually swam today AND did not fuss over it. YIPPEE! He gets 2 marshmellows - that was our deal for no fussing!

Graham: Had is one year check-up today. I can not believe he has grown so fast. His stats -
31 3/4 inches (>95%, no brainer) and 19 lbs (10%). WOW! Ethan was not even that skinny. Other than he is strong as an ox, and squirmy as a monkey!


Christy said...

Wow, that is a tall skinny dude! We have a tall skinny girl ourselves. Our weight at one year was 16.5 lbs (<3%) and at 15months it was 17.5 lbs (even more <3%). There is no childhood obesity in our future.

Ruthie4973 said...

Nor ours. Both boys are thin, but hey, look at Paul. His childhood pics are like daddy-longlegs! ha ha ha