Monday, March 24, 2008

Meema's house

Even with the second child, it blows my mind at how quickly they pick up words and start using them. We went to visit Meema and D-dad over spring break, and Graham added so many new words to his evolving vocabulary. Here are some that I remember:

mma - meema
wink - and actually winks
ohrk - fork
es am - yes m'am
eshan - Ethan
aaahhh man (learned from big brother)

One day Graham pitched a fit and threw his trains on the floor, I picked him up and took him to the other room. Ethan told meema that I was unkind because I took graham away and punished him! Ethan "told" on me several times. He was riding his bike in the street one day and I sat on the curb to watch. Ethan rode all the way up the driveway and went inside to tell Meema that I was in the street and did not look both ways. That cracked me up. Goofy boy!

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Rich & Jen said...

Way to go, Graham! He's such a little man now.

Tell Ethan to STOP tattling...I'm beginning to feel threatened. HA HAA!!! ;o)