Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuned in Listener?

This morning at breakfast, Ethan told me his stomach didn't feel good. Of course, my first thought was he didn't want to eat, so I told him to eat. We get dressed and head out to Wal-Mart. In the car he told me his stomach didn't feel good. I asked him if he needed for me to give him attention. He said "Yes." I told him to just ask for it instead of saying something else to get it. As we were in Wal-Mart he was talking on the phone to Meema and telling her his stomach hurt. They hang up and he tells me the same thing again and that he wants to go home. FINALLY, I think maybe he really doesn't feel well, and pick him up. ***Sidenote: he had been holding my hand the whole time, big clue, he never wants to hold my hand.*** As I was holding him I told him I needed to get one thing and then we would leave. This is where the story turns ugly. Ethan projectile pukes on and down my shirt, all over him, and the floor. I set him down and he goes again! SO GROSS! We make our way through getting new shirts for the both of us. Come home, and get him all settled up on the couch. I'm doing laundry and I hear him moan real loud that it is hurting again...this time i listened up and got him at least we made it to the bathroom to contain the next 2 episodes.

How tuned in are you? Obviously, we have good days and bad days. Win some, lose some. I think my "agenda" can tend to make me a little hard of "hearing."

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Rich & Jen said...

I wish I could have been at Walmart so I could have laughed at you! Just kidding! :o) I hope he feels better soon!