Monday, May 5, 2008

Repeat after me...

My sweet Ethan has had 2 wonderful days at MDO. It was a rough start w/ the new school and schedule, but I'll take 2 good days. All that to say, Mondays are long hard days and after school today we went to Costco. Poor guy just couldn't help but whine he's so tired.

We were at Costco much longer than planned, since Graham lost my keys - and that took forever. Anyway, I was doing the cursed no-no of empty threats, just to keep my sanity. So when we finally pull in the garage, I tell Ethan he must bring in his backpack and lunch box and put them away.

He tells me he is "too tired. "
I told him there was "no option."
He says, "Can I just have the consequence and go to my room?"

If I wasn't so tired myself, I would laugh. Thankfully, he kindly put his bags away w/o a fuss.

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The Robertson Clan said...

Wow, he really is starting to learn what consequences mean! I am so proud of him! I love that boy!