Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying Toddlers

I guess we are entering into a new phase here in our household. Graham is definitely beginning to act like a 2 year old, spreading his wings, acting a little more independent. Ethan, he tries to boss Graham around, still having his whiny tantrums; although, less of them, and can't stand it if things are not done his way - by Graham. ERG!

It is not even 10am and I feel completely at the end of my rope. Ethan has been yelling orders at Graham all morning; like Graham pays him any attention. Graham has been snaking toys from Ethan all morning, which causes more yelling AND whining from Ethan. HELP ME!

I feel so ill-equipped for this part of the "Mom-job." On one hand I have to deal w/ Ethan and his attitude, and then deal w/ Graham and his need to spread his wings and think for himself. I know yelling really does not help anything, so why is it my first reaction?

Oh I am just frustrated and beat down.

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