Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hold Your Breath

Ok, this is big! Graham ate a zuchinni slice. Yes, it was covered in ranch...who cares! He actually ate the whole piece. Paul and I looked at each other and held our breath. I tiptoed away to get the camera so I would not scare him off from eating it. I think part of his deal, besides generally not liking veggies, is he knows we want him to eat them. Yes, I have given that up. I never force him to eat them, they are just always present. Anyway, we were very excited for this break through. Sweet Ethan ate the whole plate of squash and zuchinni. Why have I not done this for snacktime before?


Christy said...

We serve "white sauce" (ranch), "red sauce" (ketchup) or "orange sauce" (chick-fil-a honey mustard) at almost every meal. It may not be the best but if they eat veggies it works for me. Plus, Katherine is so small the extra fat and calories can't be bad. Now the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils I have to ignore:)

Laura said...

i totally agree. i try and cut the HFC out of most everything else.