Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ethan - tenderhearted, adventurous, sensitive, curious

What a gift God has given Paul and me in this child. Somedays are daunting to know I am his guardian, responsible for nurturing his heart and mind in God's way. Other days, are easy and joyous.

This morning I told the boys it was time to get dressed, as always, I tried to finish a few things before we actually dressed. I went to Ethan's room...he was completely dressed from head to toe. Instead of whining that he could not get his shirt off the hanger, he had figured out he could put his stool in the closet and get it down properly himself. He was very proud, I was too. He had put together a great play outfit, including tennis shoes and socks - not the usual cowboy boots.

Later we were in the car, I had talked to my Mom about my Dad being sick. I shared with Ethan and suggested we pray for D-dad. His prayer:
"Thank you God for making my stomach feel better. Please God take care of my D-dad."

I love seeing that sweet innocent spirit. May I never spoil that.


Anonymous said...

Ethan, your prayer was answered. D-Dad is feeling much better today. We love you and Graham! Meema

David, Ally, & Micah said...

That made me cry... what a sweet boy! I have so loved watching your boys grow up! Ethan really has grown (his 4 years of life) into such a sweet boy! Give them kisses from me and Micah!