Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today was like any other after a long day of traveling the day before. Ethan was wired and ready to play play play, Graham was tired, fussy and cranky. I was tired; but as a mom that has to be pushed aside to unpack suitcases, go to the grocery store, blah blah blah. Oh did I mention Graham has the fiercest rash from front to back. And I wonder why he couldn't sleep last night and was fussy today. So tonight after bath time, we decide to let his bottom "air out." It kept him from wailing non-stop. We played, crawled around, good stuff before bed time. Bottle time…I lay him on the floor propped on his pillow, and proceed to help Ethan pick up trains that are everywhere – Paul is changing sheets on the crib. About ten minutes into this, I hear Paul…"Uh-oh, we have a situation – this is not good!" Surely it is not my worst nightmare come true. Oh yes it is. What could be better than pooping without a diaper on when you have a bad rash, NOTHING! Ethan and I meet Paul and Graham in the bathroom, it is all over him. Feet, legs, chest, and yes hands. Sick. We bath him, again. Then I ask Paul "Do you want to put the boys to bed or clean up the floor?" "Don't answer," I say "I already know." It was not just a little poop there on the floor. About four places on the rug, trailing over to the suitcase I had unpacked, over to the diaper bag, and finally one last drop in the kitchen. How? Do I still have to finish cleaning the kitchen and fold the clothes on the couch?

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