Thursday, April 12, 2007


Welcome to my family! We are the Rhoades. Paul, Laura, Ethan and Graham. Living life, loving life, and just trying to raise our boys the best we possible can. That means we have wonderful days, hard days, fun days, not-so-kind days, adventurous days, boring days; but in the end it is how we handle these days that matter the most. Our boys, Ethan - 3yrs old, and Graham - 10months old, are the light that sparks our days; well, sometimes burn our days too! Hope you enjoy the stories that either humor you or bore you! ha ha ha


JRo said...

All us other bloggin' mammas are going to get you hooked! :-D

Rich & Jen said...

That's right! I look forward to adding you to my blogging friends list! :O)