Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Armor of God

In my mom's bible study we have been talking about having quiet times with our kids each morning. I decided since I have 2 boys, the Armor of God would be good. It is so neat to see how Ethan has gotten into and learning to memorize the verses. He even has his own armor now. Naturally, it has to be very short. Even more frustrating are the mornings, where it is just not going to be a good quiet time no matter what you do. ERG! They don't happen that often, but this morning was one of them. Ethan clearly had not burned off even a little energy to sit and listen or answer. He was giving me those quick quippy answers; drives me NUTS! We did finish, I am just grateful he wants to learn about the Bible. AND he ended with a sweet prayer..."Dear Jesus, I pray for my Daddy, and my best friend D-dad." Oh my precious boy!!!

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