Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeding Franken

So tonight Ethan and Paul caught 2 crickets on the patio to feed to Franken. (Ethan and Meema named the spider Frankenstein, and Franken is what came from Ethan) So, I am holding Graham, Ethan is almost on top of the counter, and Paul is trying to put to fists of crickets in the box. NATURALLY, one would escape and land right on the front of me. I squealed, and started flipping my arm everywhere to make sure it was not on me or Graham - you know, since crickets are dangerous! All the boys just laughed at me. Such the life of being the Mom. Finally, we got them in there plus a big fat grasshopper. As much good food as Franken has been getting, we are either going to have to get a bigger home for him, or free him back to the "wild."

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