Saturday, November 17, 2007


Graham is always fussing and hovering me while I am trying to cook dinner. I get it, he's hungry. But for real, give me 2 seconds to cook it. Tonight, I gave him a few animal crackers. Naturally, that was not enough and he was standing at the part of the counter where the jar is saying "Mama Mama Mama!" I give him a few more, he chows them down. Back to the fussing. I am getting everything out, plates, drinks, etc. I decide to throw away the biscuits left over from breakfast that were still on the stove top, since they were in my way. Next thing I know, there is Graham with a biscuit in his hand and a huge bit in his mouth. Straight from the trash can, he is NOT picky about where it comes from. And since I have been typing this, he has gone back and got the other one. NICE! Oh well, at least they were on top!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love a man who loves biscuits!!
Love, Meema