Saturday, November 3, 2007


Tonight Ethan kept crying that his mouth hurt. We finally narrowed it down to one of those sore bumps on your tongue. He could not fall asleep, and told us that he needed some medicine. Paul said, "Ok", and proceeded to get him some. My thoughts, what in the world would Paul be giving him for a sore bump on his tongue! He comes back into Ethan's bedroom with a medicine dropper full of blue medicine - Ethan's favorite color. Gives it to him and Ethan falls peacefully to sleep.

I asked Paul what he put in the dropper. His reply, "Pixie stix mixed with water!" (sly grin) I must hand it to the man: inventive, yummy, and got Ethan to sleep without another peep!

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Christy said...

I will have to remember that trick. I think I would just try blue food coloring though as Katherine gets hyper with sugar.