Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Ethan turned 4 today. How much he has grown. It excites me and saddens me all at the same time. His understanding, vocabulary, knowledge, sense of adventure and curiosity has deepend so much this past year, more than i even know.

Ethan is a tender leader with a shepherding heart. I have just realized this in the past few months...the last part at least. The tender part is hard enough for me, not one of my first qualities that jump out at you, but shepherding!!! At least Ethan and I have a wonderful example in D-dad (my Dad). I have begun praying these qualities over him as he sleeps. Thank you Father we can come to you at anytime.

"Cowboys" was the theme for Ethan's party. "Andie" (Alison, Paul's sis) brought over Captain Crunchie the pony. So out in front yard we set up haybales and had pony rides. It was the BEST ever. All that worrying over extra activities...once the pony showed up that was the show! FUN! Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, since we had it on his actual birthday, December 30th. We took pictures of everyone on the pony, ran around, and stuffed our mouths with yummy cupcakes.


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Emily said...

What beautiful boys you have!! Little Paul and Laura juniors! I miss seeing your smiling face!!!!