Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas was so much fun this year. Both boys got excited about everything from the lights, nativity, to the sweets...naturally. Christmas morning was especially fantastic. Ethan had been praying every night that Santa would bring him "Gordon" and more train tracks. Can you imagine his excitement that morning when he walked in and there was a huge train track with THREE new trains running on it? He did not leave that track until about 1pm, not to eat, not for anything. As we opened the pile of gifts, it was fun to see his joy in each thing, the clothes...not so much. Graham, well he had a blast, but did not really care about all the gifts. He ate and ate, and played with keys and the cabinets on Grandma's side table. Oh, he opened a few gifts, but very quickly went back to the other.

We left Grandma and Grandpa's house and headed back to Dallas to celebrate the rest of day with our annual tradition of eating at Benihana's on Christmas night. Our chef was fun, the boys were fascinated with him. AND we have never seen either boy eat so much at meal. Maybe I need a hibachi grill!

It was a wonderful day and holiday season. Graham loved all the lights and trees everywhere, and Ethan understood more about Christmas this year from our Savior's birth to Santa Claus. I can not wait until next year.

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