Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Lone Sock

A funny little thought I had today:
My mom sent me some stuff in the mail, one item was a lone sock of Graham's that was left behind on our last visit. I emailed her a thank you for the package and mentioned that Graham needed new socks anyway. So I am sitting here looking at the sock on my desk wondering what size I would need to get him, I looked at the size of this one - and no wonder he needs new ones - it is a 0-6 month. Graham will be 11 months next week, and I still think of him as my little 6 month old. Oh he is growing too fast...maybe I'll get 12-24 months! Scandalous.

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Christy said...

I would actually set the sock up next to the foot when purchasing because I have found the sizes to vary widely. Katherine has some 6-12 month socks that are still huge and others that are tiny. She just moved out of her 0-6 month shoes. (She is tiny but you get the point. )